MANAMATIONS is an independent animation studio located in Melbourne, Australia. We specialise in animation for television, web, advertising, music videos, apps and games.

We are dedicated to story telling through tradigital animation (a combination of traditional and computer based technology to create animation). All our work is done using the latest technologies and software, with a paperless workflow, also helping the environment. This is possible with great software such as Toon Boom Animation. Not only is their software awesome, it makes animating digitally easy and they understand animators!

We offer several styles of animation, whether it be hand drawn frame by frame, digital cut-out, 3D or motion graphics, we are able to provide an animation solution to suit our clients needs.

We also specialise in story and character development, character designs, storyboarding, concept art, finished illustration, score & music composition just to name a few.


Shirhan Manan - Manamations Founder

Shirhan Manan started Manamations (formerley known as Manatoonz) as a hobby and eventually went on to freelancing taking on a few jobs here and there. After a few years business started to get serious and he now works full time at Manamations.

Over the years Manamations has worked on numerous projects for clients from across the globe providing cost-effective animation, cartoon and illustration services.

The main goal of Manamations these days, while still taking on client jobs, is to produce its own brand of animated entertainment through animated series, educational apps and interactive children’s stories.