Quick Sketch #5 – Elsa

Manamations Animation Studio | Melbourne - Australia

Quick Sketch Episode 5. Today we are sketching Disney’s Elsa, the Snow Queen, from the popular movie hit ‘Frozen’. You can view the video below.

Elsa - Quick Sketch #5

Snow Queen Elsa, from Arendelle, has magical power over ice. A popular film by Disney, I thought I’d do a Quick Sketch of a 3 dimensional character. The pupils in this sketch could be enlarged a little. But otherwise, I am happy with the end result. This Sketch took approximately 15 mins to do. In the video below, it has been sped up a bit to keep it short.

Tools used:

This Quick Sketch is done using Sketch Book Pro. A really great software from Autodesk which makes sketching fun and easy and a Wacom Tablet.

Elsa Quick Sketch Video

Watch us sketching away.
[responsive_youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLub9eRTpB4]


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